The countdown to Kimchi begins…

I am less than a week away from my trip to South Korea and I am a mix of nerves and excitement. I cannot stop talking about this experience with all of my friends and family, even though I am pretty sure they would like me to. It is incredible to think that in a weeks time I will get to meet the Mayor of Seoul and see the world’s largest ship yard.

Since coming to CBS I have been strangely connected to South Korea. My cluster always suggests events in K-Town, mostly Karaoke. In class I have studied Samsung and the K-Pop industry. Now in a weeks time I will be visiting Samsung and seeing a live B-boy show at CJ Entertaiment and Music. I helped a clustermate on his business which sells and educates US consumers on Korean Cosmetics, shout out to SokoGlam, and now I will be visiting the largest beauty care company in South Korea, Amore Pacific.

This is one of those experience of a lifetime that you hope for when you go to business school. As excited as I am for the great itinerary our Chazen team has put together, I am more excited for all the surprises in store for me and the new friendships I will build.

Korea here I come! Get the Kimchi ready and put the Soju on ice!

~ Slava Druker ’15 (South Korea)

What are your thoughts?

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