Brazil | Round up

Robert Habib ’13 | Brazil

A few weeks back in NY have provided a good time to reflect on the Global Immersion Program to Brazil. One of the benefits of the GIP is to see businesses operating in ways and in markets different to what students are used to. As such it was no surprise that all of the students on the trip were from outside Latin America.

However, from a personal perspective, it also provides an insight into how life could be in a country different from one’s own. To me this is where Brazil stood out. Of the BRIC countries, Brazil is way ahead on quality of life and happiness indices. For MBA, living in Brazil offers the coveted benefit of riding a growth wave coupled with envious quality of life. Democracy, enduring national security, stable banking and delicious fruit mark out Brazil from the BRICs.

I spoke at length with a carioca about how her perceptions of Rio had changed over the last decade. The change in GDP/capita was unequivocal to her, evidenced by tangible changes in her own daily life.

I’m sure I’m not the only European questioning whether successive generations will inherit the welfare state and quality of life that I enjoyed. In Brazil, there is no need to ask.

What are your thoughts?

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