Reina Sophia

By Shehzad Khan ’14Image


Upon arriving to Madrid, we had the morning off to do some sightseeing. A bunch of us took this opportunity to visit the Reina Sophia, a modern art museum housing many of Pablo Picasso’s most famous works amongst others. As a fan of surrealism, this was a great visit. We first checked out all the sculptures and works that interacted with the space in the room to create different visual effects and evoke some interesting feelings. From there, we went to the second floor, where the Picasso’s were housed, including his most famous work, Guernica.

As expected, it was a mob scene upstairs as we got close to Guernica. As a result, we toured everything else before going to Guernica. Seeing many of Picasso’s works up front was truly special. There is an element of raw emotion to the work that I think you can only appreciate in person. Once we headed to Guernica, we were amazed to see just how many people were there to see it and how there were many people having strong emotional reactions to the work. The work is enormous, essentially the size of a wall in a room and the detail and various emotion on the faces of figures in the work is truly awesome. I’m really happy I went on this trip to say the least!

What are your thoughts?

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