Countdown until Chazen Korea

Annyeonghaseyo (Hello)!

On Sunday the 17th of March, 30+ Columbia Business School students will arrive in Seoul, South Korean for a weeklong experience of Korean business and culture.  Organized and led  by 4 of our Korean classmates, we will visit with companies such as Samsung and Hyundai, meet with the Chairman of the Lotte Group (CBS ’81), enjoy Korean BBQ and Karaoke, stop in at SM Entertainment – home of many K-Pop sensations, and visit the Joint Security Area (JSA) and Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) at the border with neighboring North Korea.  We will spend most of our time in the capital city of Seoul, with an overnight visit to Ulsan and Busan in the south.

Much of the above includes familiar brands/experiences to those living in New York:  Samsung devices, Hyundai cars, karaoke, etc.  It will be interesting to see where the familiarities end and blend into new and foreign experiences.  For many of us who have been traveling this week prior to the Chazen trip, I know we will be excited to have our local classmates to help translate both language and culture.

Until next week,

Yael Silverstein, CBS ‘13

From Hong Kong

What are your thoughts?

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