Chazen Spain – La Corunia and Madrid

By Shehzad Khan ’14

Due to a favorable midterm exam schedule, I am only a few days away from heading to Spain for an exciting week of cultural and business learning courtesy of the Chazen Institute. We have an exciting and extensive itinerary that should make for a quite memorable experience. Some of the things we have planned include:

  • A tour of the Real Madrid FC stadium as well as a meeting with their CFO
  • A visit to Inditex, home of the infamous clothing brand Zara
  • A meeting with Prince Felipe, the Prince of Spain as well as Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy

It’s not every day that one gets access to the political and business elite of such a historically powerful nation like Spain. Making matters even better is the fact that we are being led on this trip by two awesome, fun-loving fellow classmates from Spain in Pedro Goizueta ’13 and Joaquin Olivares ’13. They are passionate about sharing the culture of their home country with us and that enthusiasm is contagious. I look forward to learning a great deal about Spanish culture and sharing my insights on such topics:

  • The food. I am a huge foodie
  • Memorable places to see
  • Interesting people I meet and the insights they share, particularly the youth of Spain
  • Recap of businesses we visit
  • Discoveries and insights regarding Spain’s economic future and how can it solve the issues currently plaguing it

What are your thoughts?

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