Falling in Love with Rio

It was definitely not all work in Rio and how could it be in a city with such a care-free and vibrant vibe?

Stunning View of Rio from the Christ

I think we successfully soaked in the day and night life of this vibrant town. The city is much more relaxed, open, and definitely less clothed than our Northeastern metropolis of New York (or Sao Paulo, for that matter).

The typical bathing suit salesman in Ipanema
Carioca street style

I think we can all agree that we enjoyed Rio’s nightlife to the fullest. For a true taste of Brazilian music, we headed off to Rio Scenarium on Thursday night. It is located in the fun and historic area of Lapa, known for its nightlife and slightly bohemian feel.

Famous Arcs of Lapa (Arcos da Lapa)

Rio Scenarium captures the essence of Lapa with its colorful décor inside a historic colonial mansion.

Rio Scenarium's Exterior
Rio Scenarium's Interior

A delicious light dinner and a caipirinha/caipiroska or two later, we are ready to head down to the first level for some live music. We discover that the samba makes the caipirinhas flow down easily, as we let loose to the lively rhythms and beats that emerge from the stage.

The long night allowed us to explore other nightlife later on around Ipanema and it certainly did not make it easy to wake up early on Friday!

During our free time and the sadly, few sunny days we had, we tried to see all the sites: Sugar Loaf mountain, the Christ, and of course, tanning and lounging in the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana.

A cloudy Ipanema on Friday afternoon
View from Sugar Loaf
Sugar Loaf
The Christ

Loving life in Ipanema!

As I boarded my plane back and heard a “temperatura da 46 grados farenheit” in New York, I cringed at the thought of wearing anything long sleeved or closed-toe shoes. Alas, no more caipirinhas or pão de queijos ahead, but my body will surely welcome that. Back to the hussle and bussle of New York.

Brazil, I will definitely see you soon. Muito obrigada!

What are your thoughts?

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