Chazen South Korea inspects North Korea

While the rest of the Chazen tours were busy doubling down on room service or checking into McDonalds on Foursquare, Chazen South Korea was taking the safety of the free world into its hands by personally inspecting and ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the demilitarized zone (DMZ)!

CBS students learn that the male-female ratio along the heavily armed boarder is approximately the same as at B-School
The Bridge of no return where soldiers have been exchanged in the past
Overlooking North Korea, with guards on the opposite side staring back at us. This is the place there defectors can ‘run the gauntlet towards freedom, an act roughly as difficult to successfully complete as sprinting from one side of the CMC hallway to the other without being purposefully tripped by a recruiter in one of the adjacent rooms.
The North Korean guard looking back at us.
Trip organizer BK standing in North Korea

At the table where the cease fire was negotiated after the Korean war. The middle of the table corresponds with the demarcation line between North and South.
All of the students on this side have technically defected to North Korea at this point

Our North Korean soldier friend, whom we named John and convinced to enroll at CBS this fall. John said that he would like to be in cluster D, and also asked to skip orientation next year because he said he’s already quite familiar with the indoctrinization practices involved. He also expects to place out of Leadership.
The South side stands facing the north. Ever since an incident in the 80s, the North side now stands facing the North as well (though for some reason, not on the day of our visit) to prevent would-be defectors from sprinting into the south.

One CBS professor stands next to a bombed out train, a reminant of a previous communist era, also fondly nicknamed “The Uris train”

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