Chazen Korea plagued by spate of studying-induced sleep exhaustion

Things had been going energetically for the Chazen South Korea trip this week before a seemingly inexplicable spate of sleep deprivation stuck at least half of the attendees.

Two first years immediately prior to the McKinsey meeting

What started as a group of alert and energetic MBA students has gradually morphed into a smattering of passed out bodies and head-bobbling meeting attendees.  Scenes of students passed out in offices, on public transportation, at meals, and in lobby waiting rooms have become commonplace.

A first year waits for the Samsung tour to begin

Queried about the development of the phenomenon, tour Organizer Christina Park commented, “I think they’re studying too hard.  Every evening after a light dinner and soft drinks, they go back to their rooms and study for their classes, or else read economist articles and informative Columbia Case Works studies about the country and its local industries.”

A second year immediately after lunch

“Some of us were planning on getting together later to review Applied Security Analysis and its application to the Korean markets” said first year Zachary Keats.  “We went to bed at 1 or 2 but some in of the group stayed up analyzing.  The next morning they came to breakfast late and their eyes were bloodshot.”

First year Zach Keats at work

“Implication for Leverage” – A close up of what keeps Keats up late at night in Seoul

Christina Park further commented, “Most evenings the trip atendees study late into the night, some even neglecting to take care of themselves or to drink adequate amounts of water.”

“Korea has a very strong cultural emphasis on education, and the local highschool students even study at schools called ‘hakwon’ after their regular school gets out,” commented trip organizer Song Won Lee.  “Some of the local students are in class from 8am until midnight.  The CBS students on Chazen South Korea have quickly internalized these local customs.”

Fellow students are unforgiving of their classmates who study too hard
One first year student passes out in the middle of BBQ dinner

“Why, just this morning, Jordan Lang emerged from his room into the breakfast lounge with eyes bloodshot and hands shaking after a night of heavy studying.

Trip organizers are "unconcerned"

He came in and discussed P/E ratios of some of the local companies, as he began eating an egg sandwich.  He then fell asleep with the sandwich half eaten in his mouth.”

One student falls asleep mid-sentence
First year slips out of consciousness while chewing

Thus far the condition has not had significant effects on the company visits, as the level of sugar and coffee injected beforehand serves to ward off any inattentiveness.

Students looking alert and attentive during daily meetings due to high caffine and sugar intake immediately prior.

However, some of the trip attendees are concerned about the level of studiousness.    “I’m slightly concerned that the students aren’t really getting a local experience here,” class of 2013 member Zachary Brown commented.  “They came here to experience the local culture, go out, and meet local people… it would be a shame if they spent all of their time cooped up inside and focusing on overly academic presentations of the country.’  When pressured to comment further, Brown himself admitted that he had stayed up reading Samsung case studies the night before.

Zachary Keats immediately before faceplanting into his Bennigan's salad with green chicken (in honor of St. Patrick's Day)


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