Japan: bullet train, sumo, karaoke, hot springs

Yesterday, the Chazen Japan group spent the day in Osaka. We started off with free time in the downtown area, which is filled with food stalls, arcade halls, and shops. Students indulged in local delicacies such as octopus balls and bowls of ramen. Afterwards, we made our way to a sumo tournament where we watched professional wrestlers partake in this traditional sport. Tournaments like the one we attended last for approximately 15 days and matches take place throughout the day, culminating with some of the country’s top talent facing off with another. Each match lasts anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes and the group saw approximately 25 matches during the two hours we spent there.

Following the sumo tournament, we made our way to Osaka’s train station where we hopped on a bullet train to Nagoya. These high speed railways connect major cities throughout the country and allow for efficient transportation between business hubs. Our day ended at a traditional Japanese “ryokan” where we dressed up in kimonos, ate dinner, performed karaoke, and slept on the floor of our rooms. The hotel included hot springs, which was a relaxing way to end a jam packed day.

Up next on the agenda: the Toyota manufacturing plant and our arrival in Tokyo.

– Jason Feirman –

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