Rickshaw ride in Old Delhi

Photo: Matt Daniel '13

We took a rickshaw ride through Old Delhi and got our first real taste of what life is like for the millions of people living here.  Our drivers took us down Chandni Chowk, or ‘moonlight place’, which is the wide avenue that is teaming with people downtown.

Back during the golden age of Shah Jahan, a canal ran through the center and reflected the moon, which is how it got its name.  Now, you can barely see the road because there are so many motorcycles, rickshaws, and pedestrians.  Our drivers then veered off the main road and took us through the back alley where there are hundreds of bead and sari shops.  The colors were incredible, as was the fact that the rickshaw fit down a street that couldn’t have been more than 7 feet wide and was filled with people.  Check out these pictures and videos to get a taste.

Photo: Matt Daniel ’13
Regina Lee’13

One thought on “Rickshaw ride in Old Delhi

  • A ride on a rickshaw in the old Delhi area is a very new experience. Even if you have traveled on a rickshaw, you would find this ride amazing. You will be traveling amidst remnants of the Mughal & the British era like the Jama Masjid, Tajmahal & the Old Delh market of Chandni Chowk & Darya Ganj. I was there on a 7 days trip from Yatra.com. I had a wonderful time but the more I visited my hunger to devour Delhi grew more and more.

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