Interview with Professor David Juran

1.       Why did you choose to accept the Chazen invitation to come to India?
It’s a no brainer, really. A great opportunity to travel to a new place with some excellent people.
2.       What are you most excited to see on our adventures to Delhi, Agra, and Mumbai?
I am looking forward to seeing as much as I can of the “real” India. I have no confidence that I will have another chance to visit India, seeing as how it took me 52 years to get there the first time.
3.       What is your favorite type of Indian food?
I like these little rolled-up things with spicy potatoes – no clue what they’re called, but you can get them in a hole-in-the-wall place in Greenwich Village that’s only open a few hours every day. I don’t really know anything about Indian food.
4.       As a statistics professor, what do you think the probability is that an average student will get sick (e.g., “Delhi belly”) on the trip?  What is the probability that a very responsible student will get sick?
They’ve scared us all so much that I think everyone will be prepared. I predict no major health incidents.
5.       What is your favorite trip taken to another country and why?
I went on one other Chazen trip, to Australia. On that one I brought my two sons (18 and 19 at the time). We had a blast.
6.       As a beer brewer, what is your favorite Asian beer and why?
I don’t know much about Indian beer, which is why I’ll be conducting field research during our trip.
7.       Do you know how to dance bhangra?  Are you interested in learning?
I’m not much of a dancer.
8.       What else would you like your fellow travelers to know about you before embarking on this adventure?
Why? What did you hear?

By Regina Lee ’13

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